• Age : 5-12
  • Time :
  • Grade : GK-G6
  • Ratio :
IP Chinese School
Level 1:  Introduction to Fun Chinese
Will learn Basic pinyin (Mandarin); 22 basic strokes; and basic conversation skills.
Level 2:  Basic Chinese Characters and Conversation Skills
Will learn how to read and write basic Chinese characters and practical daily conversations.
Level 3:  Introduction to Basic Reading
Will learn vocabulary; how to make sentences and how to acquire basic reading skills.
Level 4:  Conversation, Reading and Writing for Beginners
Will learn how to use Chinese Dictionary; verbally express themselves and how to write basic descriptive writing pieces.
Level 5:  Conversation, Reading and Writing for Intermediate Students
Will learn to understand and explain simple messages to others.
Level 6:  Conversation, Reading for Advance Students
Will learn how to read and understand basic texts; improve fluency when speaking; writing simple essays and reading Chinese Newspapers.