G&T Test prep (OLSAT & NNAT)
  • Age : 3-5 years
  • Time : Saturday or Sunday (9:00-10:30;11:30-1:00; 2:00-3:30; 4:15-5:45)
  • Grade : PK, GK, G1,G2
  • Ratio : 1:3
NYC Gifted and Talented
OLSAT Test Prep Class
Did you know?
  • Age 3 -- To prepare
  • Age 4 -- Take the test
  • Age 5 -- Attend school
The G&T test is coming soon.
Is your child ready?
Mr. Lee conducts several seminars throughout the year. During the seminars he will give advice and recommendations.
Seminar Content:
  1. Why is it best to take the test at the age 4 or 5?
  2.  Is the G&T program right for your child?
  3. When to register?
  4. How to register?
  5. What makes the G&T class different?
  6. What is the difference between G&T classes in each district?
  7. What is the difference between G&T schools and regular school?
  8. Why should your child prepare for the exam?
  9. How can parents help?
  10. Should your child take the test in their native language (e.g. Cantonese, Mandarn, Spanish, etc...)?
  11. How does our practice test help your child?
  12. What are your next steps after receving the acceptance letter?
  13. How to select a school and bus for your child?
  14. How to avoid making a mistake when choosing a G&T school?
  15. Can my child re-take the G&T test next year if I am not satisfied with his/her score?
Our Classes Focus on:
-Critical Thinking Materials
-Interactive teaching style
-Professional teachers
-Effectively helping you child explore his/her fullest potential
-100% parent involvement